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Hobby Aids – aids to be proud of! Thank you for visiting my website.

Eleanor with Hobby Aids dog Nina

I’m Eleanor, the founder and director of Hobby Aids. I created Hobby Aids after finding out I have osteoarthritis in my hands and then struggling to find products to help. Most products were aimed at daily living, usually targetting disabled people or ‘the elderly’ and were ugly. The language used in listings also felt quite negative. There seemed to be very little available for hobbies and I really believe hobbies are good for you. I also believe most people have some sort of limitation, whether age, disability, illness, injury, bad luck etc etc, but they should not stop you doing what you enjoy.

I wanted to create a site where people could buy aids and products to help them continue or start hobbies, despite any limitations they may have. For many products, they will help even without limitations because they’re more ergonomic. I wanted the products to look good (as much as possible) so you can be proud to use them.

Please get in touch if you have suggestions for products! We’re always looking for more to stock to try to help more people.